Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh Hey.... Update?

Oh my... this blog has been slightly neglected. A brief overview is due for you guys!

So sophomore year was... well horrible. I was put on anti-depressants and anxiety medication for a good amount of the year. The first day with these was overly happy- it was like I had some kind of trippy, happy-rasta-Bob-Marley drug. I went around in a hugely good mood. However, the next day was the complete opposite. I felt like breaking down if I moved. It was horrible. I almost couldn't handle it- I needed to leave Health Class at one point to go cry with one of my friends. While the rest of the year wasn't as intense, I still had bouts of depression at times that I couldn't shake.

Then summer came. I felt like all of the depression and anxiety I had was purely associated with sophomore year. I felt like it was over once school was- I started to get better.

I am now pleased to announce that I have not needed anti-depressants for 6 weeks now. I know very few people will see this. I understand. But I want those of you who read this to understand that the old cliché is true- it does get better. And you don't have to be at rock bottom for it to start getting better. When you start to feel the symptoms of depression, even if it's just a few days in a row of sadness, get help. You shouldn't have to get to the en of your rope to realize what help is out there. I really believe that depression creeps up on people- it starts slowly, then hits. Get at it before it hits too hard- there is not such thing as overreacting with this disease.

I  will always be here to talk to. If you or anyone you know has depression of the onset of symptoms, tell me, a friend, an adult, or an ally. Don't suffer by yourself or in silence.